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Totally Wild at Jungle Surfing!

Totally Wild recently visited us to experience the spectacular Daintree rainforest. The presenter Alex was harnessed up and sent on an amazing ride through the forest with one of our awesome guides Orion.

Alex enjoyed the stunning views up on the ‘Penthouse Suite’ platform, just one of six stops on the tour. This particular platform is 19.5 metres above the ground with beautiful views of the Great Barrier Reef; unique in itself, as it’s the only place in the world where two World Heritage sites meet.

Gliding through the oldest rainforest in the world gives you a new perspective on life and your surroundings – seeing trees that are 1000’s of years old, and soaring over fresh water streams. If you look closely you might even spot some of the local wildlife.

Follow Alex and Orion on their zipline journey for yourself …

Head over to Totally Wild to watch the full episode as aired Wednesday 12th October!

Episode TW24/014

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