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Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours’ zipline and tree platform tour is the best way to see the Daintree. Located deep in the heart of lush green rainforest, this award-winning attraction provides a fully interactive adventure, taking in all levels of the rainforest, from the ground up. It starts with the world’s first Human Hamster Wheel cable lift and ends with racing ziplines from the treetops to the forest floor. In between, a fully guided zipline tour with stunning views of the rainforest, climbing tree ferns, sparkling streams and out to the Great Barrier Reef. Expert guides accompany you every step of the way controlling all equipment and flight, so there’s no experience or tuition necessary. They also share the story of this amazing environment, its evolution and unique plants and animals. Our guests are aged between 3 and 103 with one shared vision, to fly like a bird, exploring the world’s oldest rainforest.

Please note: The 2-hour Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour runs in all weather, with at least 1-hour spent in the rainforest canopy. Tours depart up to 12 times a day from Cape Tribulation, or you can join an action-packed full day tour from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas. Check-in for all Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours is at the Jungle Adventure Centre. We provide courtesy transfers to and from our private rainforest reserve.

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Step By Step

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours is a scenic 2 hours’ drive north from Port Douglas, or 3 hours from Cairns. Check in is at our Jungle Adventure Centre in Cape Tribulation, where you complete the paperwork and are provided with a free bus ride over to our secret site on our private property.

On arrival, our friendly guides will kit you up in a full body harness and helmet, preparing you for the adventure ahead. From there, it’s a short 350m walk to the first platform and our very own, open-air departure lounge.

Get ready to have a go in the Human Hamster Wheel, the world’s first interactive cable lift. This ingenious winch is used to propel your small group of jungle surfers from the ground up to the first tree platform, where you’ll be greeted by another of our friendly guides. Our guides are with you throughout your Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour, connecting you to and from trees and ziplines at all stages, while sharing the fascinating story of the Daintree Rainforest.

For the first three ziplines you’ll travel in pairs, a few metres apart. The guides control your gentle flight, leaving you free to take photographs, or just admire the stunning views of the trees around you, forest below and fellow jungle surfers.

The third platform is cantilevered off the hillside and has amazing views over the rainforest and out to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the perfect place to pause and breathe it all in. There’s complimentary binoculars here, for your use at the platform.

The next part of your Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour is perhaps the most scenic. Beneath you is Mason Creek, winding its way along the forest floor; beside you, a canopy of green leaves interspersed with high flying bird’s nest ferns and in the distance beyond, the sparkling blue waters of the Coral Sea. We give you the option of stopping here for a moment, to pause 20m above the ground and marvel at the beauty of your magnificent surrounds. Or you may choose to keep moving along to the next tree platform, continuing your adventure.

The next span offers thrill seekers the opportunity to try something different (if you dare), by flipping upside down and watching the ground speed past beneath you. This is completely optional but if you brave it, don’t forget to give us your best Tarzan cry!

The final descent takes you to the end zone platform, on side-by-side racing ziplines. Race to speeds of over 45km/h, or if that’s too fast, there’s also the option to take it slowly. An exhilarating end to the amazing Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour.

Back on the ground it’s a short walk to the harnessing centre, where the helmet and harness comes off and it’s time to return to the Jungle Adventure Centre, where you can view your photos and continue your exploration of Cape Tribulation.

The Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour takes around 2 hours, from pick-up to drop off. You’ll spend over an hour in the trees, with plenty of time on each platform to enjoy the rainforest environment.

Our expert guides accompany you every step of the way, controlling all equipment and flight, so there’s no experience or tuition necessary. The tour is suitable for all ages from 3 to 103 and don’t forget your camera, as there are some incredible photo opportunities up in the trees.

Times & Transfers

Tours depart from the Jungle Adventure Centre daily, at the below times. If you are self-driving, please check in at least 10 minutes before tour departure at the Jungle Adventure Centre in Cape Tribulation. For those staying in Cape Tribulation, we offer a complimentary transfer service from most hotels.

Tour Times
7.50am 9.50am 12:30pm 2:30pm
8.30am (seasonal) 10.30am (seasonal) 1.10pm (seasonal) 3.10pm (seasonal)
9.10am 11.10am 1.50pm 3.50pm


Check-in for all Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours is at the Jungle Adventure Centre (JAC). We provide courtesy transfers to and from the JAC and assorted accommodation providers around Cape Tribulation. Please note there are specific departures for each resort and not every tour has a pick up at every resort, so please check the list below to pick the best departure for you.

Jungle Surfing Tour
7.50am 8.30am (seasonal) 9.10am 9.50am
10.30am (seasonal) 11.10am 1.10pm (seasonal) 1.50pm
2.30pm 3.10pm (seasonal) 3.50pm  
Cape Trib Beach House
7.30am 8.50am 10.50am 1.30pm
2.50pm 3.30pm   
Cape Trib Camping
8.10am 9.30am 10.10am 12.50pm
Ferntree Rainforest Lodge
7.35am 8.15am 8.55am 10.15am
10.55am 12.55pm 2.15pm 2.55pm
NB. Guests staying at PK’s Jungle Village, Cape Trib Farm Stay and Jungle Lodge should meet at the Jungle Adventure Centre, which is a short walk from your accommodation.


Do I need to Pre-book?

Yes. Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours are popular throughout the year (especially during school holidays) and many tours are fully booked, so it is advisable to book in advance. Please note: We only pick up our pre-booked guests. Private vehicles are not permitted on our property.

Who can go Jungle Surfing?

Jungle Surfing is open to all ages from 3 to 103, with child and adult harnesses to suit almost all sizes. There is however a weight restriction of 120kg (260lbs, 18 stone 12lbs). Cables are rated to withstand 4 tonnes, but the adult harnesses do not tend to fit persons over 120kg. In addition, Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women.

What should I bring?

Your camera, we will attach it to your harness so you can take photos throughout the tour. If you have any essential medications you wish to keep with you, let the guides know and they will place them in a special bag that is also attached to your harness for easy access. You should have nothing in your pockets nor any clips in your hair, as you will be wearing a full body harness and helmet and any sharp items may cause you injury. You will not be able to take drinks and snacks on the tour with you.

Is there a weight restriction?

Our adult harnesses are suitable for persons up to 120kg (260lbs or approximately 19 stone). Our smallest child harness fits the average 3 year old upwards.

Can I zipline if I am pregnant?

Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women, for any advice please call our office on (07) 4098 0043.

Do I have to be fit to Jungle Surf?

No. No great physical strength is required. However, there is a 350m walk to the first Platform along a narrow forest trail and another short walk from the final Platform back to the harnessing centre. During the tour, the guides do all the work and you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. If you have restricted mobility or a medical condition about which you are concerned, please give us a call to discuss your requirements prior to the tour and we will be happy to help. Our oldest Jungle Surfer to date was 90 and loved it.

Can I travel with my child throughout the tour?

Yes. Your child will be fitted into their own junior harness and will travel independently throughout the tour. However, all spans are travelled in pairs except for one solo flight. If you have a small child, we recommend that two persons accompany the child, one travelling ahead and one behind the child. Please note: Children will not be attached to your adult harness.

Can spectators come along to watch the Jungle Surfing?

No. Once the Jungle Surfers go up into the trees, there are no viewing areas accessible to the public. Please note: no persons are allowed on Jungle Surfing property unsupervised by a member of the Jungle Surfing team.

Do I have to go fast and upside down?

No. On the first 3 spans, platform 1 to 4 you will travel fairly slowly and in pairs, giving you plenty of time to explore the canopy. From platform 4 to 5 you can fly solo and upside down if you dare. The final span to the ground features side-by-side racing ziplines with speeds over 45km/h, or there’s an option to take it slow!

What happens if I get scared in the middle of the tour? Can I get off?

Most people overcome their fears and love the experience. Very occasionally, guests with an overwhelming fear of heights decide they do not wish to proceed from the first Platform. In this case, the guest may return to the harnessing centre. However, if a guest has progressed beyond Platform 1, they must continue through the whole 6 ziplines.

Does Jungle Surfing operate in the rain?

Yes, Jungle Surfing is an all-weather activity and will only be cancelled by the operator in extreme conditions such as cyclones or severe electrical storms. In the unlikely event of a tour cancellation, we will offer alternate dates/times or offer a full refund if a mutually agreeable replacement tour cannot be scheduled. Please note that third party agent booking fees may not be refundable in all circumstances.

Is the road sealed to Cape Tribulation?

Yes. If you are driving from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas, then the road is sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation and suitable for all vehicles. Please note: If you are continuing on from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown, then areas of the Bloomfield Track are not sealed and can only be driven by 4WD vehicles.

Do I have to be 18 years old to Jungle Surf?

No. Jungle Surfing is suitable for everyone, aged 3 to 103. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children between 12 and 17 years old may Jungle Surf unaccompanied. However, all persons under 18 must have our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release signed by a parent or guardian prior to the tour.

What should I wear?

Long shorts or trousers are most comfortable when wearing a harness, skirts and dresses are not suitable. It is advisable to wear a t-shirt or shirt with sleeves and enclosed shoes. If you only have thongs/slip-on shoes with you, we have a supply of Crocs shoes we can lend you.

Will my camera be safe?

Your camera will be attached to your harness during the tour and is perfectly safe. We do not recommend detaching your camera while you are on the cables, but you may wish to do so on the platforms. In wet weather, we will supply you with a small rain jacket for your camera (yes it’s a glad bag!) but we cannot guarantee it will keep it 100% dry in heavy rain. If you choose to bring your camera you do so at your own risk. Our guides also carry cameras and will take photos at certain points throughout the tour. These are available for purchase afterwards at the Jungle Adventure Centre.

Can I wear spectacles or sunglasses during the tour?

Yes. Spectacles may be safely worn and are held snugly to your head by your helmet. If you have a safety lanyard, you may wish to bring it. It is often quite shady in the rainforest canopy, so we don’t recommend sunglasses, but you may wear them if desired. Any equipment you choose to wear/bring on the tour is done so at your own risk.

Where can I leave my valuables during the tour?

All personal items may be stored in locked cabinets at the harnessing centre. Please note there is limited space. The only items you will need are your camera and any essential medications or prescription eyewear. You must empty your pockets prior to being fitted into a harness.

Can I bring drinks & snacks?

No. You will not be able to carry anything with you on the tour except your camera and essential medications. You must remove any items from your pockets, so your harness can be safely fitted. Any drinks or snacks that you are carrying with you should be consumed in the transfer buses and must be left with your belongings at the harnessing centre while you are on tour. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at Jungle Adventure Centre after the tour.

Can I wear my own safety equipment?

No. All participants must wear Jungle Surfing harnesses and helmets which undergo regular inspections.

How many people are on each tour?

We have no minimum numbers and will run tours with just one person booked. On Jungle Surfing our maximum group size is 13. On the Night Walk maximum group size is 10. For advance group bookings, we can accommodate up to 20 persons on Jungle Surfing tours, subject to availability of additional guides.

How do I stop myself when I’m flying along the cables?

At Jungle Surfing, you don’t have to worry about stopping yourself, or controlling your flight in any way. Our guides use a “top rope belay system”, which means they will lower you along the cables leaving you hands-free and carefree to take in the views and take photos.

Will I have to sign a disclaimer?

It is a requirement of our Public Liability Insurer that all persons participating in the tour sign our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release form. Persons who fail to complete the form, or children under 18 whose parent/guardian has failed to complete the form, will be refused entry to the tour and will not be eligible for a refund.

Can I buy Jungle Surfing souvenirs?

Yes. Jungle Surfing t-shirts and other merchandise are available exclusively at Jungle Adventure Centre after the tour.

Can I get a job with Jungle Surfing?

Jungle Surfing regularly recruits Tour Guides. For full details, check our Employment section.

How high are the platforms and how long are the cables at Jungle Surfing?

Jungle Surfing has 5 platforms, ranging in height from 7 to 16m above the ground. The cable spans range from 37 to 95m in length.

What wildlife will I see on Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours and Adventure Night Walks?

Both tours are conducted in a completely natural environment, with no baiting, cages or domesticated animals. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any specific sightings. However, on the Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour we are likely to see birds, butterflies and insects (and occasionally tree kangaroos!). On the Night Walk we regularly see sleeping birds, rainforest dragons, mammals including bats and possums, plus many species of spiders, insects and snakes.

Is the road sealed to Cape Tribulation?

Yes. If you are driving from Cairns, Northern Beaches and Port Douglas, then the road is sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation and suitable for all vehicles and hire cars. Please note: If you are continuing on from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown, then areas of the Bloomfield Track are not sealed and can only be driven by 4WD vehicles.


Our multi award-winning Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour takes you on a unique zipline experience, where your feet don’t touch the ground. It’s an adventure activity suitable for all ages from 3 -103, so the whole family can enjoy the thrill of flying through the rainforest.

  • Our smallest child harnesses fit the average 3 year old upwards
  • The adult harness is suitable for persons up to 120kg (260lbs or approximately 19 stone).
  • Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Jungle Surfing is a unique activity where the guides control your flight, so no prior experience or specific fitness is required. There is a 350m walk to the first platform along a narrow forest trail, boardwalk and steps and a short walk from the final platform to the harnessing centre.
  • If you have restricted mobility, or are concerned about a specific medical condition, please contact us prior to the tour and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and make our best efforts to accommodate you.
  • Please note that children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and all persons under 18 years must have our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release signed by a parent or guardian prior to the tour.
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Jungle Surfing run a five-star operation, with talented, knowledgeable staff and the amazing backdrop of the forest. This was my second visit and it will definitely not be the last. Get up to Cape Trib and surf the Daintree. You’ll love it.


The zip lining tour was amazing, the Daintree Rainforest is beautiful and this tour is definitely worth it. The guides were fun, informative, chilled and made the tour very comfortable whilst ensuring the safety of everyone who participated.


All my family and a few friends did this trip. The youngest was 10yrs old. The guys that took us around the rainforest were great. Very friendly and enthusiastic. For people that were scared once they were in the treetops, they were very well looked after, reassured and encouraged, but not pressured. It’s a great buzz, to zip through the trees. I would definitely do it again. All the equipment was provided. Well maintained. Set up for you. Very safe.


We drove up from Port Douglas & it was a spectacular drive through the Daintree. The Jungle Surfing was great fun. The guides were young, enthusiastic & had lots of information about the different parts of the forest we travelled through. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting the area.


A brilliant experience for me and my family with 2 girls aged 9 and 11. One of the best things we’ve ever done. It was glorious to soar through the rainforest during a torrential downpour after a steamy hot day. Magical – can’t recommend it highly enough. The staff were professional and safety conscious but also very entertaining and engaging. The only physical barrier is a short, fairly steep trek through the forest at the start, they drive you up most of the way. The day we went, a 92-year-old had just been and he even went upside down!


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